In My Hell


In My Hell

Are you hearing the screams
burning in cold desperation?
Are you sensing this hatred
in a bed of poisoned temptation?

it's me, a sinner
With all this anger
I'll never forgive you
Your way to subdue

Have you seen the humanity
lying blood-soaked in the sand?
Have you been in a place
where insanity takes command?

It's right here, in my hell
Where my evil yell
The fire takes control
it will consume your soul

Here, you are surrounded by your fear
There is no exit, no doors, no windows
just a room
You sit under a dim light
A light That shines upon
the bad moments of your life
In agony, you die

That's the ark of suffering
where you pay with your life
You will reveal your secrets
in exchange for freedom (your death)
Their pain are such as call
for change's knife
Screams, now
are the walls of you prison

Composição: Danilo Redbill, Jezer Ferris

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