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I Wish I Could


In My Hell

There are things inside me
that push me down from the surface
So I walk but seem to crawl
Feeling the haze, following any trace

I keep feeling lost
I'm screaming but nothing ever comes out
Please give me some courage
to find my way out

I've been bleeding too long
But I know these pains will be gone
I'll make them go away
But I know the body can betray

Son, you have nobody to
blame but yourself!
It serves you right, son
These wounds can be healed
Just ask the Healer
This is a good, good deal

Just look at what you have done
Do not accuse anyone

And now
I wish I could redeem my soul
I wish that I could take control
And forget what I already know

And now
that I am tired and old
I reached the end of the road
It's too late to conquer the world

Composição: Danilo Redbill, Jezer Ferris

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