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Breathing for Help


Oil extraction
mining, logging
water springs dried
People dying but still draining
these amazing sources of life

Watch the rainforests
totally devastated
in the next 40 years
Irreversible species extinguishing
by habitat loss

Population growth
incredibly insane
Standards of living
can't be sustained

Something must be made to reverse
the wild destruction
Natural resources unsustainably
drained, destroyed

No Government engages
to lead the change
So, native population
in Amazon was reduced
to only 2 percent

Population growth
incredibly insane
Standards of living
cannot be sustained

Natural resources
irreplaceably drained
In the reaction century
please change yourself

Why don't you start to help
the rainforests today?
Who you are?
What are your intentions?
How could you help
the rainforests every day?
Our kids deserve
a green world, alive

Composição: Danilo Redbill, Alex Avila, Rodrigo Kusayama

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