In December 2009, Danilo Martins (guitar) and Rodrigo Kusayama (drums), during their last year in the Music University, were stimulated to compose a song as their final exam to get graduated. In front of their biggest challenge ever, the two musicians invited Alexandre Avila (bass) to compose their first song, an instrumental song called Dog n' Bone, to be presented in front of the examiners. After the excellent feedback received from them, the 3 guys officially formed the Fishead band.

Band Members:

-Danilo Martins, well-know as Redbill, started his music studies at 12 years old, when he got the first electric guitar as a gift from his brother. Today, Redbill is graduated Music Bachelor by Faculdade Santa Cecília (Fasc) and own a Music School, called Redbill.

-Alexandre Ávila formed his first band in 1996, influenced by the Seatle Grunge bands. His musical development came mainly by practical experience, playing in some bands with Danilo Martins. Avila's bass players influences are: Flea, Tim Commerford, Justin Chancellor, Les Claypool, Billy Sheehan e Stefan Lessard.

-Rodrigo Kusayama had his first contact with a drum at 14 years old, playing Metallica, Megadeth and Pantera covers. At 16 years old, he started music lessons and right after, joined the Music University with Danilo. As a Music Bachelor, Rodrigo work as teacher and develop workshops.

In 2015, Fishead announces their new member: Jezer Ferris on vocals! Musician for over 20 years, he started as lead vocal and keyboardist in 1986. Since then, he always looked for new techniques and knowledge necessary to improve his music, becoming a respected musician in the metal scene.

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