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She Said


You told your father and your mother
You couldn’t stand it any more
You had to take it out on someone
You left me standing at the door ... she said

Marrying you. . . I must have been crazy
Marrying you. . . was the worst thing l could do
Marrying you. . . when you didn’t want my children
Marrying you. . . was the worst thing

You told your friends you told your brother
You had a man that didn’t care
You’re so impatient with your children
And you’re not going anywhere

We tried to cut corners
Tried to put things right
We tried to cut corners
We tried to cut corners
But it never makes things never makes things right

That’s why I’m waiting at the station
Although I’ve missed the final train
And though I’m running out of patience
I hear your words come back again ... you said

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