The Healing of Harms

Empty prayers falling out your mouth.
Jesus said it better and he didn't have to shout.
Maybe if you change it you can get your way.
Just rearrange it and you can get paid.

A little more money comes in every day.
Faith and five dollars goes a long way.
Look at your pockets filled up with gold
But what's in your heart is making you cold.

And it's god bless you.
Because it's what you want.
And all our dreams come true.
When you get what you want.

All that i see when you start to cry.
Is the rock on your finger and gleam in your eye.
Your sad story is making me sick.
So change the channel cause it's getting thick.

Blind accusations is all you can say
But you'll say anything as long as you're paid.
Look for their weakness you feed on their need
But behind your eyes is nothing but greed.

Why do you lie to make me love you?
Is it your insecurity?
Have fun with your selfish ways and misguided thoughts
Cause you will always be...liar.

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