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Just For Now


Burn down to the ground everything I own
Everything you need is temporary
And everything you want is so petty
Materialistic shit makes me sick
You're through with your cars, your house, your money
It's just for now doesn't sound funny
Your wife, your kids your family, your life
It's just for now it's just not right
Open your eyes and you'll see the light
Stop living in a fairytale life
There's more to life than just living
Find it in yourself and start giving
It'll come back to you no one's out to sue you
I lost everything I had I'm not even mad
Losing everyone I love will make me sad
If you dwell on the past you simply gonna last

Chorus: Jonathan Davis

You will not take my mind
You will not take what's mine
You think you can hurt me by stealing from me (oh why)
You think I owed to you
This is everything I do
You rape me take from me
But you ain't got me

This pain and misfortune is pure fucking hell
Take it away nothing will change
I will still Feel the same this is too much pain
Am I being Tortured time will only tell
Am I insane or am I in hell
Gotta have faith not someone to scorch it
Live your own life no reason to rebel
All of this hatred this has to be hell
Feeling down on yourself try living my life
More money more problems that ain't no lie
If you take it all away I rather scream bye
Day by day one day at a time
Doesn't make me gay It takes a man to cry
Your not alone wipe that tear from your eye
Life is a gift you should put it on a throne
Not materialistic shit appreciate your life


I can't wait to die (die) if it's up to me
I wouldn't be alive (alive) not suicidal
But I've had a rough life drugs will make
You dumb but they won't kill your pain
Look at the bright side I'm trying to stay
Sane I would never take my life over
Depression and pain that's just part of life
Life, life it's just a test treat it with respect
You're here for a reason not to be depressed

Chorus x 2

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