Fetty Wap

Cash against the philosophy, fame bout the dollar
Keep it breath mamma, yeah this breath spanner
Yeah she bomb and ride with me
Cuz you won't make nothin'
Come over here, I think I see your baby do nada
She won't even smoke cuz she wanna post that
Me ain't got no future, I ain't fuckin' with no comma
Juggin' this for us, I want it all Enchilada

They say it there, over there, I see her from so far
I see her right over there
And she is what I want
I said I dall over there, I see her from that far
I say that ball over there, is you what I want, alright
So grime and pall this cracky all night
The room stay up, think ya right
The dawn, don't, don't stop

The dawn, the dawn
It's a pressure and don't spy, then push up it all tight
So grind ponny, grind, panny, panny all night
So push up and spy, they push it all tight
So grime pon it, grime pon it
Grime pon it all night
Me up say now, they can't be right
Slied me waffin'

Oh, Omg, bitch just tell me one thing, and that's go indeed
Ay jiggin' this forever, fuck that bitch and get it perfect
Yeah I hit it first and let the nigga get my self
Post scam it's about to say his option is yes
Fuck your bitch and said it all they say, let's not forget
I got bizarre money, get me out of caught money
Get tall, yeah the niggas got short money
Fetty wap, that boy before they stand on wap
Zip lock gang, scombo wipin' like we gettin'
All and julada, shows bumpin'
like a nigga ain't gotta talk here

Ay, bitch wanna roll my weed
But I got my banz and I got my wax on
Try to deserve your mom, to deserve you dad
Wipe all in my game and I fall and
Get shoes and stay strap and more
And they'll chose and gonna get
More banz and got no friend since the day one
Ay smoke wanna have my guns when I'm in the studs

So you know the place is done
So why don't you do your thing and she will get this up
Bangs this on pall and get it now (?) that shit is crazy
Pull out, pull a whole to any nigga that try to pay me
Try to deserve your mom, to deserve your dad
And just say get back up
Wine up with my game
Got it for the (?) soon as they strap out
Smoke with all my guns, wanna
Make the stunes, do all with balls up

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