Just Awake

Fear, And Loathing In Las Vegas

All That We Have Now

Kasanateta mune no oto
Yusabute mo kikoenai

Koboreochita pieces

konna nichijou no yuutsu sae
Tameiki mo dezu ni mukau jou no bokura

Life ! filled with vanity
colors have faded
things you desire exists here
flee from this colorless word

Tsugiha no kokoro wa fuantei
Arainagasareta shoki shoudou wo
Yobisamashite hashiridase
Tsunarai ketoba
Omou mama ni tsunagu yo ano hi no kodou


Oh my lord, it`s gone
what should l do ?
pieces I had
have fell apart
whre do you belong ?
whre should I aim (for)?
once you've lost sight
it's left to fall apart

Let's start it over again
Rebuild and combine all the pieces we have lost
To become one
like a puzzle
take it one at a time

When I stopped a rusted chain tangled me up
Tying my body onto the ground
As I sink underground I call your name

What can I do to see the day light once more?

Tear it apart and rip it off
Break the chain now
Sink down or swim up
Fight your way through
Seek your way out
If you can not, you are left to drown deep inside

Chain tangled me harder, choking my neck

Tsuyogatte'ta boku no koto
Mimamotte'ta kimi wa iu
Ima koko ni iru yo

Itsu made mo kienai omoi o

sunagitomerareta shoki shoudou o
Yobisamashite hashiridase
Ano hi no kodou wa
Boku to kimi no naka no uchuu de hibiite iru yo

Misery is nothing
It is all up to your thoughts
And beliefs to bring in success within your life

Don't you compare yourself with other people
That's a waste of person you are so why not be honest to your emotion


All the promises made between us
Broke in pieces and turned into sand
Let's escape from this colorless world to find
And tomorrow that we live

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