Father John Misty

Funny Girl

Father John Misty

Funny girl
You look so unassuming
Right up until
The room you're captivating
Starts to fill with gut-busting laughter
And you're transformed into a five foot Cleopatra

Funny girl
Your schedule's pretty crazy
Doing interviews
For the new live action Cathy
Could you pencil in an industry outsider?
Yeah, you're young, but, baby, you're not getting younger

Funny girl

For once your timing wasn't great
I must have missed you by a day
But, baby, things have turned out pretty good this way
And I don't think either of us yearn to share the stage

Funny girl
You seem pretty indifferent
But you knocked me out
When you charmed the pants off Letterman
Oh I wish you'd flash that manic smile in my direction
And let me lead you to your seat like we were old friends

Funny girl

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