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System Boomin


Buggin out
todays agenda
Jessibel Cat and me, Belinda
Doin our thang like we do it best
always the more but nevertheless
parties we get them started
so special but not retarded
dig the groove I'll bring you a shovel
if you wanna see me then you better call hubbell
get your boy to bring a telescope
the track so ridiculous I cant cope
In the club system boomin
Feelin so good you cant ruin
Vibes Im gonna make you feel em
bring your troubles we'll see if we can heal em
bless you once with the energy
feel the beat and dance with me

Feel the beat system boomin
dig the groove we're abusin
feel the beat system boomin
dig the groove we're abusin
feel the beat system boomin
dig the groove we're abusin
feel the beat system boomin
feel the groove...

Hip house Im bringin it back
droppin rhymes all over the track
I told this dude to speed it up
pretend that Im food and just eat it up
Things got slow and so I changed em
Took your old ideas a rearranged them
Made ya look back and remember
On the mic Its me Belinda
Hey mister Ripley believe it or not
When I rap to the beat I make it hot
Up in here make you all just scream
Things aint always what they seem
Sometimes its an illusion
the music is a drug and we're abusin
Yep its us in the place to be
here to make you d a n c e

Repeat Chorus

Verse three the end of the song
I could go on all night long
opened your mind to a cool rap science
got more game then the new york giants
hotter than a kitchen appliance
join forces for alliance
just kick it out on the ave
went from have not now I have
got pretty clothes and a bank account
deposit slips for big amounts
fannypack track and we love boys
taking out the suckers and all the toys
move thats what I said
feel the music up in your head
spin around and grab some one
now its time to have some fun

Repeat chorus

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