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Nu Nu (yeah Yeah)


Push up to you
ready to do you
then play it off like i thought i knew you
whats up boy
whats yo name
whats yo sign
whats the time
i'm gonna go and get this freak
peeka boo can i take a peek
saw you walking down the street
you looked so fine i had to meet
you for a drink at the cafe
limo so stretched i call it taffay
come for a ride boy i wont bite
unless you ask me reall polite

when i saw him
walking down the street
he looked so fine
i just had to meet
i asked his name
does he wanna play
as we walked
all that i could say was

mmm hmmm yeah yeah

i know you feelin me
and boy i feel you too
you joke and laugh with me
and call me your boo
walk me to the J train
almost every day
when we're together
all that I can say is

mmm hmmm yeah yeah

oh yeah god damn
run up on you and I take ya hand
hey now lay down
now its time to play now
on boardwalk and park place
all up in each others face
i know you shy but its alright
as long as you keep that body tight
now dont you worry bout a thing
isnt he lovely looking
just wanna shout it from the roofs
hes my boo and thats the truth

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