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# 10 faixas

  1. 04. El Guía
  2. 05. Estrella Sin Luz
  3. 06. Cuartos De Reflexión
  4. 07. Futuro Del Pasado
  5. 08. Caminar Sin Parar
  6. 10. Leia



fan-ray - Fotos

Band created in 2011 in Zaragoza (Spain) in an online forum. Until 2013 the band changed some members while they composed new songs and played some covers, and in this year, Fan Ray was formalized. The members at this momento were: Toño Monzón (vocals), Carlos Blesa (guitar), Santi Suárez (lead guitar), Jorge Apesteguía (bass) and Álvaro Molinero (drums).

From this moment, the band started to finish some compositions, so that in 2014 Fan Ray entered in the studio Luna Nueva in order to record its first Ep, which would be called as the band, "Fan Ray". This first álbum was recorded in justy a week and was released in January 2015.

The next year, the first videoclip was recorded at Ariño, a small village close to Zaragoza. The song chosen to it was "Electricidad" and this work was directed and produced by Mariano Mayayo.
One year later, in the summer of 2017, Santi decided to leave the band, being replaced by Andrés Fandos, who immediately contributed with new compositions and ideas for the new songs Fan Ray had at that moment. When 10 new songs were composed, the band enters in the same studio again in order to record the second album, but this time a Lp, called "Metalzetamol". The 1st May 2018 the album was released, this time it took more time due to the complexity of the new songs and some technical problems in the studio, but finally the final result was awesome and all band liked it. The summer of this year the band recorded the new videoclip with the song "Venganza", being released in October.

The last months of 2018, and throughout 2019, Fan Ray was giving concerts in some cities of Spain to present this album. When the year and the tour ended, and before the pandemic, Carlos left the band due to some medical problems and wrist pain, being quickly replaced by the old member Santi. At this moment, the band started to compose new songs for the next album, but the pandemic came and all work was paralyzed for the rest of 2020. It was not until the beginning of 2021 that Fan Ray was able to go back to work and pick up the songs started before the pandemic.

Now Fan Ray is focused on its next album, composing new songs and finishing the ones started before the pandemic. This next album is estimated to be released in 2022.

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