Sexy Drug

Falling In Reverse

Just Like You

Sexy girl I just fell in love
You should try it, it's a hell of a drug
Like omg you make me complete
I'm lookin for reasons I'm beggin
And pleading I'm dreaming of calling you you mine
Keepin me stu-stu stuttering stumbling fumbling over my lines
With out you girl I'm not alright
I'm not okay

No don't give up on me
Wait it's not what it seems
Now we can't stop this tragedy
And it's back to the start
And were falling apart
Sexy girl come and lay with me
I'm frustrated and it's sexually
Like omg you make me complete

I'm just being honest I'm creepin'
And crawlin' I'm kissin' the top of your head
We're rockin' and rollin we're touchin'
And moanin' and makin' a mess of your bed
Can someone help she shot me dead
I can't be saved

God if you are real I need your help because
This girl has stolen my heart with her broken halo
And I can't deny she's so damn fine
Gimme some advice

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