Falling In Reverse

Keep Holding On

Falling In Reverse

Fashionably Late

I thought I had myself all figured out
But I've spent my whole life holding myself down
And it seems to be that sort of thing I keep doing constantly
Addicted to the pain I cause myself
My head is floating somewhere in the clouds
While I'm paid to entertain a lively crowd
They sing my songs and feel my pain cause pain is what creates my fame
A vicious cycle some day I'll get out

I can't believe I'm standing here at all I can't believe I made it this far
On my way with a smile on my face to the top and I'm not falling off
All I need is a microphone I'll sing about the things that have been hurting me
It's safe to say all the kids I relate to their lives so just keep holding on

It's hard enough try walking in my shoes
To be picked on by my peers to much abuse
And I'm tired of not fitting in
True friends are my final wish just let me be myself and make it through
I have tried so hard to be a better soul
I have worked so hard at making myself whole
And through it all my better years are still ahead my mind is clear just trust me when I say I'm in control

I believe I'm just like you
I believe I'll make it through
It's hard to see at times like this, I'm not giving in, I'm not givin in

Composição: Ronnie Radke

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