Get Me Out

Falling In Reverse

Just Like You

School is in another year
And I just want to disappear again
I hate the world I just can't win
And sometimes I just wish it would all end

I walk around with headphones in a hoodie on
I'm trying to blend in
With all the other useless kids
That's it's how I've always been

I know one day I'll be
The king of the music scene
Like omg

So what do you do when everyone fails you?
Am I just a stupid boy with nothing left to lose
I'm so sick and tired no desire to stay in this town
So hopefully my hopes and dreams will get me out

I'm stereotype of a fucked up kid
And there's nothing really nice about the way I live
I got no money in my pocket but I'm handsome and cocky
Start a band with my posse beat the scene up like Rocky
I'm a lady winner take your sister To dinner
And I may kiss her but I won't even miss her
I'm a bad boy big dreams Headed for the top
And I'm a sing my little heart out till the music stops

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