Falling In Reverse

Fashionably Late

As I'm thrown into an empty room or should I say a box
I try to turn around and leave but the door it slams and locks
I site here and I think about all the evil things I've done
I lost where I was going cause I forgot where I came from

I surrender put my weapons down
I can't remember what I'm doing in this town
It's time for me to pack my bags
I'll always be alone the only thing I've ever known is out there
on the road cause I'm a drifter

Now ever time I look straigt into my fathers eyes
I see how hurt and broken down he is from all the times
he had to watch the son he reaised follow in his steps
the only option that he ever had was too hope for the best

My faith is weak my soul is bound this lonely road I travel down
I scrape my feet this jagged ground
the cuts run deep into me now mother oh why aren't you here
so young I was you dissapeared I know the truth is ugly
did you truly ever love me?

I surrender, curse my mothers soul I still miss her
no matter where I go it's time for me to pack my bags
I will always be alone the only thing I've ever known
is a broken home

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