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Chemical Prisioner

Falling In Reverse

Just Like You

I walk a fine line between coping and insanity
The right pills right now would be the wrong time
I have a hard time between flying and sobriety
The wrong thrill strong will to keep myself alive

I've watched this rip apart my family
Fuck that I'd rather die with honor
But when the drug is runnin' through me I can feel no pain
It's not worth the price I pay

It's so hard to be together
And I try and I try
But it won't get better
Days go days go by
I won't die I won't die cause
But I must I must try

I missed a phone call from a friend I knew the other day
It was strange and it changed my life forever
A couple days go by I found out that he passed away
The right drug wrong time he'll be remembered

There's two wolves that battle in us all right now
Ones good the other one is evil
If your wonderin wolf inside will succeed
It's simple it's the one that you feed

I am dead inside but I'm not allowed to die
There is truth in every lie and I am very much alive
But I've died a thousand times there is truth in every lie

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