Faith No More


Faith No More

Sol Invictus

[Verse 1]
When lonesome stood over me
A future shadow
He boasted and sang to me
Farewell, so long

[Bridge 1. a]
I? ll awake you
From this living sleep
We? ll walk the shore
Where you were born
In bed with me

[Verse 2]
Pull the white sheet off your face
March forward, my son
A battle beyond frozen years
Only for dogs here

We will rise from the killing floor
Like a matador

[Bridge 2. a]
The stained glass of bovine eyes
Can see right through every tombstone lie

[Verse 3]
Let us retrace every step
Out of this world
And every ditch
Every ditch

[Bridge 3]
We will be when you will be no more
No more

[Bridge 2. b]
The stained glass up the hangman? s ass
We served you well, now we? re coming back

[Verse 4]
Atop the weight
Of conscious ghosts
We? ll jump the gates
And live to rise, we will rise

[Chorus 1]

[Bridge 1. b Outro]
Let the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
What more can we give?
Let the dead live
May the dead live
And the dead live
The dead live?

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