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The Age Of Birth


In the beginning, there was nothing
Not even darkness, for darkness would have been something already
The lights of Solan were yet to shine in the firmament of the Gods
And no sound was heard
Then the note softly rose
Soaring through the Void

When it reached its peak
It turned into a thunderous chord and a sudden
Explosion of light filled the universe
The shock wave folded the planes of space and time
Spreading like a ripple on a calm lake

Then, in the time of a heartbeat
It collapsed onto itself to give birth to a new
World, just a mere ball of rock drifting in the darkness
But with a consciousness of its own

This unique mind had no name, and yet was given many
By the races it later hosted
The most famous of them all
The one that survived through millennia of
An eventful history
Was Osyrhia

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