Alone in the night
Flashing shadows surround us all
Spread our wings in the dust
When the sorrow feeds all the pain
Bound for paradise

Freedom will rise
Tender voices will sing for us
In silence
Stand up and fight
Climb the stairway we'll reach our aim
Far horizons

Holy one - you're love that you share
save us from despair

Living in a fairyland
Oasis of light
And the times stand still
In a world full of pride
Living in a fairyland
In the hands of the one
And the time stands still
The island is my home

Watch out the stairway never ends
We will find the right way to light
Ever more, forever more I pray
And a shining starlight leads me on my way

Holy one - In our dreams you're alive
An island to survive

Heading for tomorrow
Sadness has an end
Where the world is free of sorrow
Children reign the land
And the master will come from somewhere
To tear our chains apart
In his golden eyes that I stare
With pleasure in my heart again

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