The Cowards

Fairy Tale

Wondering for shady fields
Looking for a reason to live
I just take my courage, my pride and honor
And that dream that I have to accomplish

It's a road too arduous to me
There are too many demons ti be faced
One aways appears to mine my forces
It's the biggest one and the names in cowardice

That's the way the life goes on
No matter how much struggled you are
And how clear your acts shall be
Someone is aways ready to kill you

And when everything seems to be
In the most perfect peace
Agroup of coward savages attack us
Stealing oru dreams

Death to all the cowards
Only with honor you win
With dignity and courage
We can build our dreams

Death to the cowards
The victory is in our hands
It only depends on our effort
To creat our dreamland
Now we are stronger

Even if they to attack us
We know that the glory is with the courages ones
And for us nothing can go wrong

My dreams are already being built
And these verses are part of this
Every time that they are repeated
One coward will be destroyed

God will give me forces
To face anything evil
I will never feel weak
I will never be lying

One more battle is won
And begins a new cycle of life
Now the cowards are hidden
And the dream, still alive

Compositor: Fairytale

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