Never wanted to see you cry
But I can't help
Even tho I try
You know I try

I try everytime to make you smile
Even tho this is hard
I still try

I try to get inside
Fighting demons on my mind

I just wanna see you there
I just wanna to make it with you
You know, never thought that
I'll love someone the way I do
Love me now

You opened my eyes and
I guess I was just a little bit
Confuse, at the time
And I was projecting the
Love I had to myself, onto you

And now
Well, it's still fucked up
I don't wanna see you again
Never in my life

Actually, last party
You-you, you were standing there
Cute as hell
But when you came talk to me
I was like 'no, you must be kidding'

But the feeling had died
Somewhere betweek my ilusions
And my expectations onward
Of what I created of you

And, even tho you
Sound like a fucking dickhead
I can't stand the fact
That you're gorgeous as hell
I just wanna sit over your face
You know?

That's all that left of you
In me, you know?
The feeling of

I don't know

Composição: Gabriel Leal

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