Facing Fear
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Snow Witch (Yuki-Onna)

Facing Fear

Frosty Forest, snow covered
The white ghost appears to start
She runs through the woods, no touching the floor
With coldness in your heart
A fascinating beauty, a simple song
The evil's gonna take you
A hunter appears, he's the next victim
Snow witch smiles for the fool
Snow Witch
Winter storms, arrive fierce
The instinct leads you straight to danger
He's tired in the woods, stress and tension
The witch's song seeks the avenger
He followed the lady, that simple song
Black hair and yellow eyes
Sought at night, by the beautiful lady
There is no way out to die
Snow Witch
After she seduces, prepares the rite
Her breath freezes the life's flame
She arranges the scene, she's thirsty for death
The victim has his blood drained
Her voice is followed by a macabre whisper
The act ends with thunderstorms and rain
Her beautiful song shines goodbye
While she waits for the next prey
Snow Witch

Composição: Terry Painkiller, Vall Maranhão, Raphael Dantas

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