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Yeah... {"money, money, chain, situation"}
{"money, money, chain, situation"}
let's get it
my current situation a lituation
my current situation a lituation
don't keep that money waitin', it get impatient
you niggas get to hatin', you get ovations
bottles on the way, lituation
models in the face, lituation
when I come around it goes down

{"money, money, chain, situation"}
yeah, it's a movie, get your goobers, nigga
yeah, it gets deep, get ya scuba, nigga
uhh, I got the swipers in the gun shop
yeah, I got the shooters in the uber nigga
woo! everything brand new, my nigga
yeah, lord jamar, grand puba nigga
uhh, they callin' me fidel castro cash flow
yeah, and the link come from cuba, nigga

woo! team plastic like the ass shots
plastic glock 9 get ya ass shot
dream team, gold chain, match watch
and the bad bitches be the mascot
yeah, got your bm in my bm nigga
yeah, she got (taken) , word to liam nigga
ha! we ain't gotta be a hundred deep (huh)
I'd rather 10 lions than a hundred sheep (huh)
{"money, money, chain, situation"}

yeah, this shit different, nigga
yeah, I can't explain it's just different, nigga
yeah, this is hood gettin' money rap
yeah, this a million on a giffy, nigga
woo! this is stuntin' at the baby shower
yeah, and it all came from baby powder
I buy her rosé, you buy your lady flowers
special thanks goes to the haze and sour

respect brought the money than it gave me power
but sneak dissin' always been a fav of cowards
aww, you don't wanna take it there
where I'm from all they do is take it there
I came from no space wasn't safe
now it's like no space in a safe
I do it (b. I. g) and light skin my new (faith)
and we skip to my lou in that new wraith, ahh!
when I come around it goes down
ay... it goes down
when I come around it's a lituation

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