Fabio Blänc


Fabio Blänc


Take a wave with me
Take off your shoes
Why so fancy?
If we can do it skin to skin?

It's over the spin off
Being undressed
There is no bad time
When we're up to skin to skin

These things we've been thinking of
Livin' together
What people will think of
Whatever baby it's you and me

It's cool to live here
Soft clothes everywhere
We always enjoy the freedom, free spirits
Skin to skin

It's some kinda emotion that I really wanna keep
Inside of my heart to remember
when I go back being lonely
As I used to be before I met you the pouring sea
Baby ain't it destiny?
It's some kinda tellin' that I really wanna tell it
Because you were weaving waves
under your toes lookin'
Places we could hide or go
with those dirty beach clothes
Why did we left it all fall?

Mm... my baby
Mm... It's crazy
(Take off my toille
Grab my thighs
I wanna know what summer is about)
mm... I'm dazed

Did you came for the show?
I think we should go
To the shower
Touchin' each other skin to skin

It's all over the south zone
Rio experiences
Yoga class
Feelin' the body, skin to skin

The rain when it touches
The water when it comes
The fire when it hurts
The ground when it's needed, skin to skin

The up and downs
Slo mood
Smokin' weed
While it's prohibid, skin to skin

Start feelin'
This emotive
It's cool, it's fine to be you
It's cool, it's fine to be you
(It's crazy)
My baby, my baby it's crazy

Skin to skin
Skin to skin
Skin to skin
Skin to skin

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