Fabio Blänc


Fabio Blänc


When the darkness comes
It's up to us
To dissipate it
I saw a terrible wave
Of conservatism
By white, cisgender, straight
and oppressive men
Over my country
I never felt more disgusted
But, yet, with a scary ass feeling
Like the world was ready to burn
Witches again in the name of God
To be honest
I am anxious
And I feel like many people that said they are
friends of mine
Just didn't really know the meaning of these words, 'cuz
How can you tell me you're a friend of mine and
ellect a president that absolutely
shows no respect for homoaffective families
and Lgbtq people?
I'll tell you one thing, Superfans
There is only one type of family
The type that gives you love, cares about you and supports you
And all the rest
Is Bullshit

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