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Seal Of The Dark Legions


Wolves carry my name in their midnight howls
The voice is summoning me from afar
The weight of my sould will decide a place
The horrors that stalk anger me a night
This is the ancient arcanum,
Handed down and passed forward for centuries

Fro this is my book of the dead
This is the book of the black earth
The celestial spirits
From beyond, the wanderes of the waste

I have seen one thousand and one moons
I have seen the unkown lands
I have raised the demons and the dead
I have summoned the ghost of my ancestors
I have fought the black magician
I have ruled armies against the lands of the east

I have ofund and feared
I have found teh gate to the outside

In the dark days of the moon
There can be little protection against the druids
From the ancient lands
An engraved amulet of pure silver
In full light of the moon

Open the gate of the dead
The gate of the shadowed ones
Which I have smelled the vapors of

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