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Descending Through Black Moon Skies


Irrevernt to the one called God
Arch angel falling from the sky
Onto the fog covered frozen earth
Crack of thunder, Black storms arrive

Burning angel rises from the ashes
A new lord is born
Eyes glaring watching over the planes
And reclaim the throne of paradise

Angels weep in heaven above
Irreverent to the holy one
Light shall be no more
Angels decent from black moon skies

Attacking the kingdom above with vengeance and hate. Holy angels fight, yet powerful hordes destroy
Battles in the sky, holy angels die
Thrown to the ground God has died

Upon darkened horizon
Evil shall reign, lord of the night
Darkness will conquer the right of God
And reclaim the throne and kingdom of paradise

Angels wept in heaven above
Lrreverent to the holy one
Light sahll be no more
God descending through black moon skies

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