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Baptism By Fire


Repudiate the protection of the Virgin Mary
Disclaim the baptismal chrism
Trample under foot the cross of Christ
Never adore the sacraments

Demon lord I offer to thee
A virgin of Christ by sorcery
Baptized in fire

Renounce the trinity, Jesus Christ
Baptized in fire
Deny the sacraments of the holy church
Baptized in fire
Commit myself, body and soul
Baptized in fire
Adjure the statue of the Virgin and the Saints
Baptized in fire

I deny the oath of the church
I deny the creator of heaven and earth
I deny the Christian faith
I adhere to Satan, baptized with unholy fire

I swear allegiance only to him
Within the burning circle marked on the ground
Baptized in fire

The mark is scorched and drawn
Baptized in fire
In exiled depths unknown to the lamb
Baptized in fire
Demon lord I serve only thee
Baptized in fire
The day of wrath has come forth
Baptized in fire

Thou who wills to master the arts
Must covet the seals beyond the gats
Baptized in fire

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