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No Confusion (Feat. Kojey Radical)

Ezra Collective

Where I'm Meant to Be

This time around, just really want to go Jazz (Yeah)
Jazz make, no, jazz, well, I'm sure you know, but
Everybody will think that I'm gonna
be playing jazz like the Americans (Mm-hm?)
No (Nah) um, I'm playing Jazz my way
Uh, yeah
Kojey Radical, Ezra Collective
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah-yeah

We know they don't do it like this
They know we know they don't do it like this, uh
Got sound, but it ain't like this
Got jazz, but I know it ain't nothin' like this

I don't want no confusion
Opinion make I go stupid
Got my own mind, make I go use it
Spread love and put the love inna da music (Ah)
I don't want no confusion
Got my own drive, make I go move it, vroom
You don't wanna see a man lose it
Been me, still me, been proven
I don't want no confusion (Confusion)
Me and mine been fed up
Of losin' self in a world
where they're pickin' and choosin' (Choosin')
Revolution will be televised worldwide
Drown in the wave, I'm cruisin' (Cruisin')
Feel good, but I'm due an improvement
Build a kingdom, make I go move in
I don't want no confusion
Been me, still me, been proven

Every day I go think for myself
I go think for myself, I do
Do me, do me, I do
'Cause I wouldn't be me if I did it like you
I know the world gets cold, it's cool
Got the thick skin on me like a polar suit
Darkest fruit, the sweetest juice
Done with the ties, but the armour suit
Just another day, another day with the gang-gang
The family come first, we plot and we plan-plan
I couldn't tell you where my spirit was at
Reflections on the wall couldn't mirror me back
But I been there, done that, done with it
Had to buss a U-turn while the world keep spinnin'
Big bag lookin' like a ransom
Ezra Collective, can the band get some? Uh

Composição: Ife Ogunjobi, Joe Armon-Jones, James Mollison, Femi Koleoso, TJ Koleoso, Kwadwo Adu Genfi Amponsah

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