Eye Rhyme

If you want, I can leave by the backway
If you want, I can say I don't know you
If you want, I can tell them I'm no one
But can you say, you really do know me

You just see me, from the surface
You won't tell me what's on your mind
Constant lying, there's no denying
You won't see me for what's inside

Take your thoughts and keep them to yourself
Take your mind and keep it to yourself
Rip your heart and throw me the pieces
Such a fool to think that you know me

I can see that your thoughts won't be changing
I can tell that you really don't give a damn
I don't care, I can see your a blind man
and I can say that I don't need to know you

You just see me from the surface
and I will tell you what's on my mind
Constant lying, brainwash denying
I just see you for what's inside

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