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Spaceman Serenade

Eye Rhyme

Spaceman Serenade
Drive along with my hands upon the wheel of my black space mobile

Drive along I've got loads to take hold of my head
Black as the sky with glittering lights
My minds on the moon a satellite star
Gonna drive alone in my black hole to the cosmos

Lift off to dark thoughts and drift with my conscience
Countdown to Overload and destroy my invaders

The space race, lunar chase
The love of meteor sites
Put me to sleep with astral dreams and look for alien lights

Galaxy's far, quest for stars
Rocket my way to another space
Drive alone in my universe and wish upon my shooting star

Lift off to the Mars rock
Rings of Saturn, on the mark
Try to make contact
Gotta send the signal to be friendly

Take me to your leader
There's no hate here today
Take me to your leader
We're just astronauts anyway

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