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Nobody's Perfect

Eye Rhyme

Nobody's Perfect
We all can't resist when temptation is there
But nerves take over in all heart's affair
Disaster can strike, courage doesn't always win
Purpose uncertain and the future's assumed

I've never tried (lived) too hard
But I won't (never) give up
I've never laid down the line (my life)
But I've followed my own
Never been lucky but (cause) my faith gets me through
She said (laughed) nobody's perfect and your the perfect nobody.

We all try to hard to live for the moment
But we all come back to pain and punishment
Open your eye's is it really worth it
Future's uncertain and purpose abused

Those looks are deceiving, always misleading
The eye's can lie, they don't have to try
So what can we do except be used and amused.

Just break the ice and try to be nice
Forget all those past, just live and last
Try not to predict, I'm really not that rude
Purpose is certain the future you assume.

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