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Om Salvarek (a Northern Italian Legend)


Little being of the forests
Misanthrope with long grey beard
Contemplates in the kinky glades,
Bringer of welfare and wisdom

Om salvarek, have you already come down from the mount?

Dressed with fresh springs, leaves and stalks
Hide through the pine, looking at my presence
While I seek a refuge to escape from the storm…

…Om salvarek, when will you take me to your world?

I’m looking for you, where are you Om salvarek?
Respectful, omnipotent and abundant of majesticalness
Show yourself in front of me, give me guidance
Make me become unseeable in your compact forest…

Take me into your magical, unfouled, wild world
Far from the monotone, cruel civilization,
Far from the human being,
In the kingdom of the fresh, calm mounts…

…Om salvarek, the mount id waiting for us…

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