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Spent your life in an ice age,
In a time without fear, regrets and uncertainties
The reminiscence of you, the matter
When you grandiosely fought for salvation

...Furios White Horses obey to you
Taking you to the victory against the Black Enemy…

Long limitless paths
Sorrounded by majestic desolate landscapes…
Took you to the ancient land...

You, primordial warrior, brave man
Armed with honour, emblem of purity,
Strenght and courage,
Lived in a memorable age…

The effort weared you off
You shrugged off from your body
And conquerred the wisdom…

Buried in your forest,
Feed for my land,
Creator of this rebel present
I’m admiring you, great tree,
Laden of colours, grown under my feet,
Grown in my defense…

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