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A Breezing Vision Of Damnation


Motionless throwing down
Into that obscure deep forest at night
I feel the distance, the only presence i feel is mine
My eyes are blinded
By the reality that surrounds me
That oppresses me...
...That depressing shape chockes my body
It makes me unstable
I absorg its being
I fell the divine negativity sets upon me
Destroying my mind, my reason
Impulse's far, my senses are dead, now
My only glance, dimmed by it
Makes my view indefinite
...And i feel freezing in it
I feel hate
The charming fright reaches the orgasm
The exsistence from comes out again
In this dimension
Showing the majesty it was
The ability to understand, to believe, to feel...
...To seize it moment
The eternal damnation; inner
Falling in raptures i'm searching for the way
...The key...
To get into this primordial essence
...It's immense

...I can only be delighted at this moment
Feeling like i'm suffocating in its existence...

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