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The Unholy One


The Unholy One

Behind the vatican dome
hide an empire of corruption
Wealthy and orgy cocealed by the pope
Outside from the god´s kingdom walls
Hunger, greed, submission, misery
Prevail out of control

The preacher with the bible have authority
Over the minds of fools
Obliteration - blind obedience
Suspire knowledge without question
Faith robbery - selling to your a piece in heaven
Manipulation throught the christian´s dogma

Indulgence and saint
The filthy past of the church
Under your knees you still beg
Under your knees you will die

I am the true unholy one
Evil speaker, rise up from hell
I´m born to fight against christ´s words
And the ascencion of his thoughts on earth

Satan will reign

You are week - we are blind
you are living in misery - you´ll die in slavery
The unholy one

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