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Just Another Broken Hearth


Just Another Broken Hearth

I’m Thinking how was when we first met
And why haven’t you seen this?
All the stars moving so slowly
And the earth moving so fast
The Moon in the sky is so lonely
Why are you still embraced in the pain of the past?

You know I saw a lot of faces in my life,
And I rock then all.
I could say for you that I am in a transition age.
All the ages are a transition between life and death.
Maybe I don’t knowm and honestly, I don’t care, and
I don’t wanna be your man

You can you can believe, baby, I have power to love
And when I walk away I know you will cry a river
Of tears, a river full of blood, you wil cry for me. But I won’t
Come back, probably in time you’re reading this
I’m a dropped body and soul in some corner
Anyway, please, don’t feel angry. I have to say goodbye

Far from here I can hear some wispers. They will
Soon come catch me. I gotta go.

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