Won't Go Quietly

You want me to come over, I got an excuse
Might be holding your hand but I'm holding it loose
Go to talk, then we choke
It's like our neck's in a noose

Avoid the obvious, we should be facing the truth
Start to think It could be fizzling out
Kinda shocked because I never really had any doubts
Look into your eyes, imagine life without ya

And the love kick starts again
Starts again
And the love kick starts again
Starts again

It's the same old you, the same old me
You get bored and I get cold feet
Get high, get wandering eyes,
Forget I've never ever had it so sweet
I realise what I got when I'm out of town
Cos deep down You're my girl in a golden crown
My princess and I don't wanna let you down
No I don't wanna let you down, down, down, down

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