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Tribute To Nirvana

Evils Dangerous

With they
I learned
Learned love the
The music
With they
I canted sees the honesty and I become in the one
They dart in the street
They was normal
They was so busy
But they has time for singed the honesty and fixed they eyes in the good things about the life
With they nobody tried copied
They has the true teen spirit

Cried hided of others
For they motives
When wasn’t cry?
They was normal
Loved all in them front
Here they mark stayed
And will stay forever

Changed so much in the fame
But continued simple
With the others
Why do you go to car?
Has bus
I understand all in the life of they
In special in he
Don’t gain talk and talk and talk
Just think
The better thing in this world is burden my baby, he said
And in the end I say
It’s better to burn out than to fade away
Believe if you want
Tuft me

Compositor: J. Cruz

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