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Virgin Blood On Virgin Snow


"Part I. Cold Winter Sunset"

Music: Fernández

"Part II. She Died Amongst The Howls"

Music: Fernández, Borrego, Torres
Lyrics: Bañuelos

Thirsty of blood, demon - man
Vrolok, the hunter...

The wintry race of the death
a mortal frenzy in the forest

Thirsty of blood, desire to kill
Eyes ablaze, the beast...

The voracious nocturnal assassin
A jubilant howl in the forest

What could be more pleasant?
The nectar of love,
or to stare at your face,
so pale, like the moon?

I am the terror of the dark lands
My eyes only see the color of blood
Under the night's spell
I wander among hills and graves
always lurking for the vital sap
The eternal demon of the spectral howls
Suffering the curse of Licaon

Don't cry my lady...
May your fate a blessing shall be
since in conscious death
the pain you could joy
But don't worry my lady
may impossible shall be
to forget your beautiful being
Since your sweet memory...
My eternal torment will be...

Solo - Fernández
Solo - Borrego

I see in her eyes
the forgetfulness towards fear
I see her kisses in my claws
while she dies amongst howls

Compositor: Fernández, Borrego, Torres, Bañuelos

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