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Behind your magnanimous virtues
Hides a beast lying in wait
Your perfect alter ego
Which sooner or later will dominate

Depriving the strength of the choleric bile
You deny yourself - "hypocrite"
But the courage of your pathetic denial
disappears under the old man's sands

The incarnated murderous desire
Opens you the door to bloody paths
You run through the forbidden madness
Devouring in your race
Walls of human flesh

"Behind the mind, we're always there
leading life towards sin... "

My monstrosity is the malice of your heart
My eyes in flames are the candles of your wrath
My roar is your voice in the mouth of the mythic nymph
My deeds are your reflections
Coming from the inner dead star...
of your mind

Enthroned in the most morbid feast
of sadistic dishes
you drink the impious wine
of your victorious malevolence

Compositor: Torres / Bañuelos

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