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The Sorceress And The Prophecy


A cloud of gray creatures was flying above the forest searching for
warm blood preys to please the insatiable desire for death that ruled
their hideous existence. Their black eyes only managed to sight
a vast pack of white wolves which moved rapidly towards the mountains.
Wolves were the only beings the creatures didn't dare to hunt,
so they ignored them and continued with their sinister flight
without noticing the white human figure which rode one of the wolves.
In her mind there was only a tought - her destiny, which spun around those words
she had listened to in her dreams. The same words she had listened to
some nights ago when a majestic white wolf came before her.
"They shall be buried in ice 'til the sorceress cast her spell...
to revenge this betrayal." Since that night she had been traveling
to encounter with her destiny: The tomb of the warriors of old.
Finally she found herself in the place of the fall. There,
she could behold through a thick and crystalline layer of ice,
the legendary faces of those who perished victims of betrayal.
It was time to face destiny and carry out the prophecy.
The moment had come to revive the legend and expel the shadow
which ascended from the underworld to ravage the land.
She rose her hands towards the cloudy sky. With her fingers,
she drew in the air an ancient sign of power, which shone
with a pale light. It descended through the ice, and once again
it shone, with an incandescent brilliance, over the armors
of those who lied there. Then she spoke accompanied by a thunder,
and her words gave end to the century of silence.
"Awake and attend the last command of thine Lord.
Arise from this grave and come to war"

Compositor: Bañuelos

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