The sun slowly dies
while the stars are born in the sky
Its last ray of crepuscular light
is consumed by the Night's cape
Leaving her reigning alone

Old demons blow infernal winds
whispering the cruel song of dread
Ancient horrors, legends of death
guide me through darkness' s trail
The empress invokes my presence
I shall attend her calling

Over the mysterious firmament
majestically arises the nocturnal muse
blessing with her beauty
the immortal sons of Belial

Solo - Fernández

Fatal shrubs of the sinister garden
of forbidden fruits
dance with rage in the crimson ecstasy
of the eternal pleasure

Mighty Night, embrace me with passion
so I could smell forever
your sweet fragrance
Mystical lady, bless me with your grace
so I could ride forever
in the reign of Black Magic

I am a pillar of the eternal night
Blood is my drink, and to bring death
is my pleasure...

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