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Lycanthropic Possession


I hear thy haunting voices
summoning me to be one with thee.
Instinctively I forget about myself
to become thy loyal servant.

I sail across the bestiality sea to arrive to a morbid dream
of hideous visions which burst out below the red veil.
A carnival of blured faces is spinning around me.
Faces grotesquely disfigured by the essence of horror.

Night's sphere, cold guide of this possession...

I see through blood's mirrors
the sinister image of an inhuman iris
watching me inflamed of rage
cursing my being with lethal anxiety

The melodic chant of those who fly
below the igneous planet
force me to emerge from
the vile depths of my lethargy

Devastated landscapes die before my eyes.
Every light is shadowed by the total destruction.
I can't remember my steps below the stars...
but the spectrum on my hands tells about...
an infamous odyssey of death...

Now reign the fatal silence
Fresh corpses lay butchered.
The cruel pain's rictus in their
tortured lifeless faces

A shroud of necrophagous will devour eagerly
the rotten victims of this macabre carnage.
My treads are covered with blood.

Once again thou bid me to serve thee.
More masks dance with Jesus' whore
They believe that "the Lord" will defeat thy power.
They won't believe anymore
when I take their lives in thy name...
I am possessed forever...

Compositor: Torres, Borrego, Ramìrez / Bañuelos, Rogers

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