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Escape Towards Eternity


I’m walking alone
through a grim path
I don’t know where I go
yet I know I shall escape

My fear increases as I walk
a legion of ghouls attack me,
then they leave me in the dark,
lying in ghastliness

A green maid comes to me,
she kisses my mouth
and gives me magic strength
to accomplish my task

With magic I transform a small tree
into a cold and sharp sword
and a handful of leaves,
into a dark and hard shield

Now I’m strong enough
I run as fast as I can
killing everyone
Neither the most sinister demon
nor the most powerful wizard
can stop me

Green maid, I summon thee
My flesh is weak
I need thy green magic
to become strong again

The maid feeds me with her magic
My heart beats faster
and my flesh becomes strong again,
yet I feel a deeper weakness in my mind

Those who I killed before,
return from the world beyond
to posses their corpses again
and with raging fury they attack me

My mind can’t control my body
I become more vulnerable as I fight
I run away with desperation
yet the resurrected ones
find the way to hurt me

I run faster to escape
My wounds get worse as I run
Pain tears my soul apart
There’s only one way to escape

The maid returns to rescue me
She opens her wings and takes me
Now we fly together
...never to return
We escape towards eternity

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