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Dark In Glory


The inexpugnable sisters of the mist advance with anger,
behind the impetuous march, the kingdom of mystical darkness.
Fine blades of crystal kiss and bless.
Hyperborean wind spirits embrace from within

Luciferian strings, drums of fire.
The stormy night's orchestra
celebrates the warrior in his fate
Oh! Perpetual nocturnal quintessence...
awake the unlight's might!

Omnipresent dominion over the draconian nexus
Infernal forge of imperishable senses

Black magic galaxies gathered in the hidden dimension
Angels of the final twilight fly free beyond the penumbra
Poets gallop on winged demons, dark perceptions of clarity
Farewell! to the holy river, to the wonderful filth

The imperial chariot of argent rides
through the nebular landscape
pale brilliance of ethereal wine
Mistress of three faces. Attend!
The royal daughter has died

Uncursed from dogmatic mistakes
Embattled at the glorious path of power

Crowning the sin, and unveiling the grace,
the gate opened to both sides
Finally, seeds of the same nature
The dying phantom of the cross sinks into oblivion
Exiled, never to return, never more

"Now my will is the hammer which molds this world"

Night's spell, take me away
from the forlorn dungeons of the masks
Like a raven through the unholy shine
so far away, where the mind feels not the time
In this mighty glory

Night's spell release me from the graves
made of fear and holy lies
Like a wolfpack through the cosmic woods
Forever more, where the soul is not a vassal
Where I'm dark in glory with the night

Compositor: Borrego, Torres, Salazar / Bañuelos

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