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Buried In Ice



Fighting in the coldest mountains
We take the lives of thousand men
No one can defeat our ice swords
No one can resist our freezing attacks

A light brightens in the mountaintop
It’s an evergrowing flame
That melts the cold ice into warm water

The betrayer:

"i summon thee, lustful fire
Thou shalt drown the ice warriors
Whose lord ne’er let me command"

With fury the warm water
Drowns and kills my warriors...

Solo - fernández
Solo - borrego

The wind with its cold embrace
Suffocates the fire
The betrayer takes his life away
The water becomes ice again
And the survivors can’t escape

Solo - borrego

They shall be buried in ice
‘til the sorceress cast her spell
To break the ice and feed
With hate the warrior’s hearts
To revenge this betrayal

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