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Terror Moon

Evil Or Divine

The full moon rises
My eyes start to glow
Hands turn to claws
Fangs start to grow

I smell my prey
They’re all around
Time for the kill
Howling out loud

Fear the lunar light
Stare in the eye of the wolf
Beware the night
Terror moon

Repeat chorus

There’s no where to run
You’re in my sight
On you I’ll feast
You’ll feel my bite

I’m cursed forever
When the sun sets
The only way to die
A silver bullet

Chorus x2

Here they come the hunters
They’re after me, my prey
To them I am a beast
They don’t know I am a man

As I walk alone
Through the cold and fog
When I’m blinded
By the light

I see her approach
I’ve seen her before
She is my true love
With a silver blade

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